Are You Finally Ready:

  • to escape the endless parade of immature, toxic, commitment-phobic, or withdrawn partners?
  • to stop worrying that you’ve missed the boat for love and a family?
  • to stop feeling INSECURE about what men think of you, or believe the “mean girl” voices in your head about how you’re not young, thin, pretty, wealthy, successful, etc. enough to have love?

Are You Dying:

  • to share your life with someone special?
  • to be able to unleash all the love that’s inside of you and set it free?
  • to feel safe and taken care of in a relationship?
  • to know, in your deep intuition, that you are LOVED and taken care of.
  • to build a relationship that’s based on emotional stability, mutual respect and encouragement to be your best self?
  • to enjoy the most amazing sex you’ve ever had, ever??!!

How Would It Feel To:

  • spend sundays sleeping in, cooking together, and cuddled on the couch, sharing a bowl of popcorn with your lover?
  • always know at the end of a hard day you have someone to listen and make you feel better?
  • never have to worry about online dating, speed dating, blind dating, or getting set up by your Aunt Roz ever, ever again?
  • wake up every morning and feel your and feel your love’s warm arms around you?
  • introduce the love of your life to your family?
  • make bolder decisions in your life because you know you have the support of your partner through the tough stuff?
  • always have a date to weddings!

Feels Fuckin’ Fantastic!!!  And Yet…

  • so often your instinct is to PROTECT yourself, to not get hurt.
  • you’ve tried to be the “fun girl” who just goes with the flow.
  • you’ve played games because everyone else told you that you had to.
  • you never began an important conversation, because you were scared of how they’d react.
  • you stopped listening to your intuition and started listening to the “Mean Girl” voice in your head that tells you you’re not cool/beautiful/fit/fun/smart/wealthy/successful enough.
  • you worry you’ll never experience the kind of loving relationship all your friends seem to get into so easily.
  • you wonder if you’re different, or broken in some way
  • you DON’T OPEN yourself up and risk getting rejected.
  • you distract yourself with 1000 other things–work deadlines, yoga classes, your friends’ emotional dramas–so you don’t have to deal with another unsatisfying date.
  • you’re alone alone in your bed at night.

Maybe you have put yourself out there, and let your guard down with someone you liked, maybe even loved. And you got hurt.

But deep down, you know you’re meant to have love, to experience love. I mean, it just doesn’t seem right that you wouldn’t be able to! You have so much love to give!!!!

I Know Because I Was Here Too: My Story

Two years ago, just short of my 35th birthday, I was dumped, exhausted, and living on my parents’ living room couch in not-sexy Brooklyn. I slept. I cried.

I’d just left the apartment I’d shared with my ex, who I thought would I would marry. We talked about our future, and having a family.

But after 2 years of dating, he said, “I just can’t do it anymore”

We never fought and our friends thought we were the perfect couple. Where had it gone wrong?

Looking back, I’d felt confused, insecure, and unloved. But I’d IGNORED MY INTUITION. The brutal truth was that I allowed this to happen. I could have had a better relationship, with a more suitable partner, and saved myself the grief and TIME of being 35 and single right now. If only I’d known how.

I sat down and honestly asked myself what I was REALLY WANTED:

  • a loving relationship with MYSELF first.
  • a trusting relationship with my internal guides so I NEVER feel alone again.
  • no more of the SHAME that had that plagued my last relationship
  • AND OF COURSE, a committed, monogamous LOVE-FILLED relationship with a partner who is generous, embarrassingly mushy and loving, hot, and makes me feel safe and taken care of–finally!!

How Did I Do It?

  • set fierce habits in place
  • found a focus and determination that I’d never seen in myself before.
  • AND, received BOATLOADS of support.

It Worked! I Was Able To:

  • go from single to engaged in less than a year!!!!
  • date with with no stress, fuss, or feelings of rejection
  • avoid the online dating drama my friends regularly indulged in
  • feel amazing about how I looked while going out on dates
  • have tons of energy and positivity
  • truly enjoy the 1st date w/o wondering if he liked me or wanted to see me again.
  • not worry when I’d see him again.
  • have the support and excitement of my partner to actually make my dreams real.
  • create the time and freedom to take care of MYSELF and have “ME TIME”–nails, yoga, spa treatments (sometimes he comes along for a massage) and most importantly, pursue my dreams
  • be in a loving partnership with a man who wants to take care of me!

But I’ll Tell You What Pisses Me Off

  • Meeting women who are dying for romantic connection, would sacrifice all they’ve created to experience true, spiritually connected and safe love, and STILL GIVE UP.
  • when you believe the naysayers who say “you’re too picky.”
  • thanksgiving conversations over and over again, “why are you still single?”

This sort of shame and doubt keeps women unhappy, unfulfilled, and their love UNTAPPED in the world. We all suffer. When one woman doesn’t have the love she’s meant to, we all feel it.

MY VISION of the world is where every women feels LOVED, full, and happy in her life. She shares that love with the world FEARLESSLY, and receives all that love, support, and kindness right back from her partner and the rest of her world!

And if you are committed to that for yourself as much as i am, then head on over to the “work with me” tab and let’s make that happen!