22 Ways To Meet Your Boyfriend

22 ways 2

You can meet your next boyfriend anywhere, in any situation. So you better be ready. And you better put on some mascara while you’re at it.

To prove my point, I asked some of my nice lady friends how they met their boyfriends. Check it out:

  1. Intramural Soccer
  2. Walking the dog
  3. Online
  4. On the dance floor
  5. On a blind date
  6. On stage, performing
  7. At work
  8. Hiking Machu Picchu
  9. On the subway
  10. Walking out of the hair salon
  11. At a funeral
  12. At the Red Hook public pool
  13. At a bar
  14. Sharing a Montauk summer house
  15. Huddled under a store awning in the rain
  16. In a yoga studio
  17. On a Metropolitan Museum of Art Tour
  18. Temple/Church
  19. Jury Duty
  20. In an airport
  21. At a Vet who only treats cats
  22. Standing on line in Starbucks

Where can’t you meet your guy? At home, eating Tofutti Cuties straight out of the freezer. You might get brain freeze, but you won’t get a date. Go on, get out and see who’s waiting to meet you!

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