Why Men Disappear

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“Men fall off the face of the earth like it’s f@*king flat.” 

How’s that for an image, huh? That’s what my dear friend and client told me when she described her dating history. She’d have a great date–yummy meal, great wine, lots of chemistry–and then CLUNK!–the guy falls off the face of the earth like it’s flat!

Sometimes they disappear after the first date, or the third, or after 9 1/2 weeks. But they all drop off without a call, text, or any communication at all. She’s left wondering if she did something horribly wrong. Did she say something offensive on the date? Did she reveal too much about her family? Too little? Or worse, did she just like him too much and ultimately scare him away?

It’s so easy to go inward and ask questions like these. After all, it’s the only information we’ve got, right? But what you don’t know is exactly the reason why he disappeared.

Think about it, he could still be in love with his ex. They could be focused on his career more than settling down. He could be scared of what his mother thinks. It could be anything. And you just don’t know what it is.

I told her the 2 things I know for sure:

1) Thats just RUDE. Come on, he couldn’t even send a text to say he’s moving on?

2) It has NOTHING to do with YOU. How could it? You’re just getting to know each other. If he wanted to get to know you better he would have shared is feelings, thoughts, opinions with you. That’s what makes a relationship strong–communication. But without it, he’s only living inside of his head, thinking his thoughts about his past and his future expectations.

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I know how painful it can feel when men go away. It’s happened to me more times I’d like to admit. But please just know that you didn’t do anything wrong. It has nothing to do with you.

Has this happened to you? Share below in the comments–has a man just fallen off the face of the earth like it was f@*king flat? Was it after the first date? The third date? The third month? I can’t wait to hear about it!

Till then, take good care of your sweet heart.

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