HELP–All Of My Friends Are Married!

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Ever feel like you’re the only single person left? Like there’s NO ONE to hang out with because all your friends are either married or in long term relationships? Kind of what a drag, right?

Well, maybe not.

Maybe hanging out with your married friends isn’t such a bad thing. Here’s why:

It’s so secret that the people you hang out with are you biggest influencers. If they’re happy, there’s a good chance you’ll be happy too. If they’re healthy, chances are you will be too. It’s natural–the more we hang around with someone, the more we take on their habits and characteristics. Sometimes we might even start dressing like those people!

It’s usually not a conscious choice. Think about it–do you go to yoga class because all of your friends will be there after work? Of course. But what if your closest friends chose to go to happy hour every day? Chances are that soon you’d be drinking cocktails along with them, instead of sweating it out in downward dog.

Now back to your married friends. What if the people you’re hanging around are in happy and healthy relationships, the kinds of relationships you’d like to be in some day? Well, like other influencers, you’ll start to take on their habits, thoughts, and perspectives. Think that’s a good thing? You betcha!

Because thinking and behaving like they do will help you to be more like them. You’ll feel what it’s like to be in their situation. And by feeling it, you’ll start to become more like a person who’s in a great relationship. And when you feel it from the inside out, that’s when you attract the relationship you want. Why? The feeling is already there in you!

So, maybe it’s not such a bad thing to hang out with all your married friends?

Whattya think? Is it a drag to hang out with all the marrieds? Or you biggest relationship secret weapon? Let me know in the comments section, I can’t wait to hear. I know this is sort of a doozy so keep the comments coming.

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