Is Dating Making You Unhealthy?

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Dating can be lots of fun–you get to meet new people, check out interesting restaurants, bars and cafes, have some fun adventures, and meet interesting people. Lot’s to look forward to, right?!

But what if dating is making you unhealthy? What if you’ve worked hard to create a healthy, balanced lifestyle for yourself? You wouldn’t want dating to get in the way of that, would you?

That’s what I asked a client after her date with a sexy, charismatic man. They met for a quick tea before he had to jet to a dark and crowded club where he and his band were playing. It was a typical night for him. He drank, partied, he knew everyone and never paid to see a show.

After their date he got in a cab to rock out, and she took the F train home to cook a vegetarian dinner.

She was shaken. You see, he had the lifestyle that she used to have. And it tempted her, big time. “I could do that.” she thought. “I know that life, I’d fit right in.”

So asked her, “Do you want to?”

“Well……no. I’ve worked too hard to create my healthy lifestyle. I’m proud of it. And I don’t want to give that up.”

In that moment, it became clear for her. Dating would NOT make her unhealthy. Instead, she vowed to only date men who understood and respected her newly healthy lifestyle and enhanced it, not threatened it.

Let me know in the comment section–What do you think? Would you date someone who had a different lifestyle than you? Have you ever been tempted you to change your own lifestyle to make the relationship work?

Can’t wait to hear! Till I see you in the comments section, take good care of your sweet heart!

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