I work with women who are strong, smart, professional rockstars and who come to me because they’ve figured out everything, except LOVE.

These women ask themselves, “Am I different, Am I broken?”

They have tried to be the “fun girl” who just goes with the flow. They have tried to play games–because everyone else said it was the thing to do.

And then along the way, their instincts shifted. Instead of following their hearts and trusting their deep intuition, the instinct became to protect themselves. To not get hurt.

These women started to listen to the “mean girl” voice in their heads.

They became risk averse to avoid rejection.

Important conversations never began, because they were scared of the reactions they would cause.

To avoid yet another unsatisfying date, they distracted themselves with everything else–work, yoga, and their friends’ problems.

And then at night, they worried. Worried they would never experience the kind of loving relationship all their friends seem to get so easily.

At the end of the day, in bed, when the world was quiet, they were alone.

Maybe you have put yourself out there. Maybe you have let your guard down with someone you liked, maybe even loved.

And you got hurt.

But deep down, you know you’re meant to have love, to experience love. You have so much love to give!

Are you finally ready to rediscover and trust your deep intuition? To let the worry go, and leave the mean girl voices behind? Head on over to the PROGRAMS page.