About Daniella

Until I found my passion as a coach, I trained and worked in genetic counseling at Columbia University Children’s Hospital, investment banking at Solomon Smith Barney, and fashion licensing at Nautica. I had a faced paced, high-powered career, and love was not my first priority.

Three years ago, just short of my 35th birthday, I left the apartment I’d shared with my ex. I was in a serious relationship with the man who I thought I was goign to marry, but who, in hindsight wasn’t right for me. We never fought and our friends thougth we were the perfect couple. We had talked about the future, and having a family. And then, after two years of dating, he said, “I just can’t do it anymore.”

I was dumped, exhausted, and living on my parents’ living room couch in deep Brooklyn. It was not cute. It was not sexy. I slept. I cried.

Where had it gone wrong? Looking back, I’d felt confused, insecure, and unloved. But I’d ignored my intuition.

The brutal truth was that I allowed this to happen. I could have had a better relationship, with a more suitable partner, and saved myself the grief and the precious time that came with being 35 and single. If only I’d known how.

I watched many of my friend fall in love and get married to amazing men. I loved for love and partnership too. Devaseted and confused, I resolved to make finding love a top priority.

I sat down and honestly asked myself what I really wanted and deserved.

After a full year of trial and error, internal work and real-world dating embarrassments, I figured out how to meet the man who is now my husband quickly and effortlessly–all while avoiding the online dating drama that I so feared.

My failures and experiments gone awry are now your gains.

I work with smarty-pants high-achieving women and help them attract the love they want and deserve (but don’t know how to get – yet).

My vision of the world in one in which every woman feels LOVED, full, and happy in her life. She shares that love with the world FEARLESSLY, and receives all that love support and kindness righ tback from her partner and the rest of the world!

If you are committed to that for yourself as much as I am, then head over to the PROGRAMS tab and let’s make that happen!