The Coaching Experience

When we work together, we will:

  • Help you take back control in a way that feels true to who you are.
  • Create small shifts in perspective that have BIG impact.
  • Rediscover hope!
  • Unleash all the love that’s inside of you and set it free.
  • Make dating fun again. (Really, it can be fun!) This means truly enjoying the first date and not worrying about whether he likes our or wants to see you again.
  • Figure out ways to create the time and freedom to take care of yourself, in whatever from that looks like for you.
  • Help you feel amazing about how you look and feel when you go out on dates.
  • Find the place where you know you deserve to be LOVED and taken care of.
  • Help your best self shine through in all her glory.

And through it all, you will receive boatloads of support from me!

I’ve done it. After a breakup knocked my planet off its axis, I knew things had to change. I became a woman on a mission to find myself, using all the steps listed above.

Guess what? It worked. I figured out how to say yes to the right kinds of men, gracefully say buh-bye to the wrong kinds of men, and when I met my husband, I could spot him from a mile away!

With my help, you’ll learn how to attract confident, powerful and successful men who want to take care of you. And leave the toxic, commitment-phobic, withdrawn, immature men behind.