Work 1:1 with Love Coach Daniella

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This intense, VIP level private program accepts private mentor clients on a case by case basis, by invitation only.

Clients who are accepted into this select, limited–opening program are 100% committed to focusing on getting clear about what they truly want, getting out of their own way and attracting the RIGHT love.

Women who are invited into this program are ready to take control of their love lives.

The purpose of this mastery-level program is to take your already awesome life, and blast it right out of the water with the love, giddiness, and deep emotional safety, via one-on-one, laser like support that’s designed JUST for you—

You have so much love to give. But no one is in your life to receive it.

Do any of these feel true?

  • You’ve got three online dates coming up this week, but the idea of going on them makes you feel exhausted and hopeless
  • You go out on dates and even though they’re perfectly nice, there’s no spark. And you start to wonder if it’s even possible to have a real connection with someone.
  • You have trouble setting healthy boundaries on dates, and it’s rippled out into your relationships with friends, family, and even at work. You find yourself waking up after a date feeling ashamed, even if you don’t exactly know if you did anything wrong.
  • You’re shrinking from making yourself completely, authentically visible in your body and appearance. You’re not enjoying getting dressed, going shopping, or even putting on make-up and its hurting your self esteem.
  • You’re short on emotional support. There are things you want to share but you don’t feel comfortable sharing this kind of stuff with the people in your life.
  • You were never part of a clique in high school—massive groups don’t work for you. You don’t want to be one of a crowd. You’re a woman who learns best from close relationships and mentorships. When you feel seen, heard, and cared for you have room to grow and make changes that will bring you the love you want and deserve
  • You know that the shame, fears, and blocks that hold you back right now from FINDING YOUR RIGHT LOVE are rippling outward into your life—showing up in how you take care of yourself, your family, and even your work and finances. You know this needs to STOP, but you’re not sure how to get clear on how to make the changes you need to make.

The VIP Private Love Mentorship is for women who:

  • Want to be in a long term relationship that is moving toward commitment
  • Want individualized, highly specific support JUST for you to attract the RIGHT love for you.
  • Want dedicated and personalized support from a mentor who has TOTALLY been there before and understands where you are and what you’re feeling.
  • Are 100% committed to boldly examining and releasing what is holding you back – even if you’re not sure what that is or how to release it right now.
  • Will allowing nothing to stop you from doing this work.
  • Know that by connecting to your RIGHT LOVE you not only help yourself, but help ALL WOMEN get closer to their love too!
  • Make an energetic and financial commitment to bring that love to you, ASAP!

From Your VIP Private LOVE Mentorship you will receive:

  • Powerfully effective 1:1 mentoring specifically on YOUR love history and goals to make every action step effective and powerful
  • Effective workshop sessions on your specific love life—you’re learning exactly what YOU need to find the right love for you. No wasting time on broad-based “dating tips” that aren’t applicable or useful in your real life.
  • Identifying and understanding whats help you back so far and the GIFTS it offers you so that you can ancually use your personal issues, fears, parent dramas, etc. that have blocked you to move forward and create the healthiest relationship possible.
  • Powerful tools to release old fears and blocks as you take aligned action toward each goal. These are so simple and easy that you wont feel like you’re doing work, so you can keep moving forward without getting stuck.
  • Unlimited email support between calls on specific events, dates, or difficult conversations you’re working on. My goal is for you to feel totally supported and guided even between our calls.
  • Laser-like, personalized focus on all aspects of your love life. I’ll support you in identifying the pieces that don’t feel good and show you how to transform them into effective, joyful pieces that feel great and support you and your goals.
  • Tried and true resources, tools, and strategies that have helped both me personally, and my clients to boost their love lives and find their loves. This journey won’t JUST be about finding the RIGHT LOVE, it’s going to just as much as feeling confident, hopeful and in control while you do the work!

Your Program Includes:

  • Twenty three (23) 60-minute phone sessions
  • 90-minute initial Bulls Eye to call to jump off your coaching program with a focused and intentional bird’s eye view of what you want, how you want to be, and what you want to call into your life.
  • accountability and weekly “LoveWork” Focus Forms
  • VIP-Prioritized turnaround on e-mail correspondence between sessions on specific projects (within 24 hours M-F unless otherwise specified)
  • 40 minutes per month private review time for any client specific events (initiating a challenging conversation, preparing for an important date, or otherwise non-session time needed).