Dating Detox Virtual Event

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OK, you just watched the video. NOW WHAT?

If this is YOU, and you’re ready to add a healthy dose of self-care into your dating, then put your name and email below to sign up for this totally free event!

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Seriously, you don’t have to feel exhausted, frustrated or ashamed anymore. There’s another way to feel. At the end of our week together you will have a clear 5-step roadmap of how to actually feel positive, healthy and hopeful in dating. AND attract your healthiest relationship ever!

What You’ll Get

  • Simple and clear Step-by-Step Checklist of what you should be focusing on to attract your healthiest relationship ever, and how to actually feel good doing it! For those Type A personalities this is gold—yay checklists!
  • An opportunity to let go of the painful feelings of past unhealthy relationships.
  • An off-the-charts amazing community of women who will remind you on a regular basis that you deserve a healthy, loving relationship! You’re not alone in this.
  • A whole new perspective how to attract a healthy relationship that most other “experts” aren’t talking about.

How It Works

  • Check your email every morning for FIVE personal videos from me guiding you, one at a time, through the 5 Steps to prepare you to attract your healthiest relationship ever.
  • Talk to us on our own totally private “Secret” Facebook Community where you and I can connect, and you can connect with all the other inspiring women doing this work along with you. ***This group is completely private: no one can see your posts. No one can see you’re in this group. No one can even see this group exists!
  • Get psyched for your BONUS Video “1-Step Healthy Love Morning Routine” that you can watch and use forever.

Sign Up Here for this FREE Event!

I can’t wait to see you January 25th-29th in this powerful community of women that’s already building!