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7 Tricks to De-Stress Before A Date


It’s Date Night–yay! And oy vey.

Dates can be stressful. You could spill your drink. Or splatter spaghetti sauce on your white pants. Or even if you manage to stay clean, the conversation could stop dead in its tracks. And that would be awkward. Even the most outgoing lady can become a stressball on dates.

How to deal?

7 Tricks to De-Stress Before A Date

1. Eat a fabulous lunch, with dessert.

2. Stop by the make-up counter, and test drive a new mascara. Practice batting your eyelashes in the mirror.

3. Review your social calendar for the next few days. Remind yourself that you are loved, and wildly popular.

4. Resist the urge to call your mom. She’ll just tell you that your outfit is all wrong.

5. Turn on the radio. Dance wildly, all Fly Girls style, to the next song you hear. You should be gasping for air by the time the song is done.

6. Get a manicure. And spring for the 10 minute back massage. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the kinks out of your shoulders.

7. Smile a lot. You’re gonna have fun!