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Your Biological Clock

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In today’s episode of BDG.TV we’re talking the big elephant in the room when we talk about dating.

Your biological clock.

Remember that scene in “My Cousin Vinny” when Marisa Tomei declares her clock is ticking, ticking ticking…?

Yeah. Maybe yours is too? Maybe you can’t even hear yours because you’ve pushed it aside for so long?

Look, I’ve spoken to a lot of super smart and successful women who make a huge mistake that they wish they could’ve avoided sooner. They don’t acknowledge their biological clock. They out off thinking about what they want in terms of family and children. And yet, just tenderly giving themselves to the space to consider it could have changed things for them, profoundly.

There’s no big action to take. No declarations to make. Just think about it, what do you want? And then, wait for the answer. The asking alone can make you feel more hopeful, safe, and happy about your future.

But the time to ask is NOW. Not when you’ve already met your man, or after you’re married, and certainly not when you’re choosing neighborhoods according to the best public school districts.

Ladies, I’m gonna be a stickler on this. Please. Think about this now. What do you want in terms of family, kids? Give yourself the space and time to consider it. You deserve it.

Have you given this enough thought in your own life? Let us know in the comments section. I know it’s a sensitive topic but your opinion can help many other women out there. So let us know what you think. Do you want kids? Do you NOT want kids? Have you thought it through?

Till I see you soon, take good care of your sweet heart.



Your Ex is Dating Someone New: 3 Tips on How to Deal

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Has this ever happened to you?:

You and your ex-boyfriend break up, and you’re devastated.

But then you go to yoga class, and you start to feel better.

You talk to your girlfriends and you remember all the times he disappointed you. Strangely, you feel even better.

A sexy guy flirts with you, and you actually feel good.


You see your ex-boyfriend getting Sunday morning coffee with another woman–and BAM!–you’re right back in that devastated place.

I’ve been there. If you have too, this episode of BDG.TV is for you. In it, I discuss 3 tips on how to deal when your ex dates someone else.

Tell me about your experiences–how did YOU deal when your ex started dating someone else? What did you do? How did you feel? Let me know in the comments section!





7 Tricks to De-Stress Before A Date


It’s Date Night–yay! And oy vey.

Dates can be stressful. You could spill your drink. Or splatter spaghetti sauce on your white pants. Or even if you manage to stay clean, the conversation could stop dead in its tracks. And that would be awkward. Even the most outgoing lady can become a stressball on dates.

How to deal?

7 Tricks to De-Stress Before A Date

1. Eat a fabulous lunch, with dessert.

2. Stop by the make-up counter, and test drive a new mascara. Practice batting your eyelashes in the mirror.

3. Review your social calendar for the next few days. Remind yourself that you are loved, and wildly popular.

4. Resist the urge to call your mom. She’ll just tell you that your outfit is all wrong.

5. Turn on the radio. Dance wildly, all Fly Girls style, to the next song you hear. You should be gasping for air by the time the song is done.

6. Get a manicure. And spring for the 10 minute back massage. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the kinks out of your shoulders.

7. Smile a lot. You’re gonna have fun!