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Single for The Holidays? Here’s How to Deal.

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If you’ve ever been single for the holidays, you know it’s hard to deal. All of a sudden, it seems like everyone is cozying up in big sweaters on deep cushy couches with their cute, cuddly boyfriends. And you’re thinking, “hey, where’s mine?”

Well, this holiday season I’m single too. Last year I was with my ex-boyfriend. But this year, I’m flying sola.

But I’ll tell you a secret…it’s the BEST holiday season I’ve ever had!

I’l loving the freedom of creating my own traditions with family and friends. I love doing Christmas with the Rosales-Friedmans–movie marathon of 4 movies, 2 theaters, and popcorn and twizzlers all ding-dong day. It’s a Christmas miracle!

And most of all, I’m loving the extra time and space to get quiet, and declare my deep gratitude for my amazing love-filled life. I’m grateful for the people who have always been there, and the bright new connections in my life.

I’m talking to YOU, my love. Thank you so much for being you. I appreciate you. And I love you tremendously.

Somehow, being single for the holidays doesn’t feel so bad at all.

Leave a comment below–let me know how you deal with being single for the holidays. Do you love it? Despise it? Do tell!

Till I see you soon, take good care of your sweet heart.



The Secret Code of Exes

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It’s Friday night. You’re getting ready for a second date with this new guy you’re really into. And then, out of nowhere–BAM–you get a text from your ex-boyfriend (you know, the one you really loved):

“hey what’s up?”

In the span of a tenth of a second, you’re excited, annoyed, and confused all at the same time. Does he want to get back together? Has he finally realized that you’re the woman he can’t live without? Does he know you’re dating again?

What does this mean? What do you DO?

It’s what I call The Secret Code of Exes. (Not ethics, exes)

In this week’s episode of BDG.TV I expose the secret knowledge that all men have about their exes. I also explain what you should do about it and the best way to respond!

As always, the most interesting conversations happen in the comments section. Have this ever happened to you? Has an ex-boyfriend nudged themselves into your consciousness just as you were getting serious with someone else? I want to hear about it!

Till I see you soon in the comments section, take good care of your sweet heart!



Your Ex is Dating Someone New: 3 Tips on How to Deal

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Has this ever happened to you?:

You and your ex-boyfriend break up, and you’re devastated.

But then you go to yoga class, and you start to feel better.

You talk to your girlfriends and you remember all the times he disappointed you. Strangely, you feel even better.

A sexy guy flirts with you, and you actually feel good.


You see your ex-boyfriend getting Sunday morning coffee with another woman–and BAM!–you’re right back in that devastated place.

I’ve been there. If you have too, this episode of BDG.TV is for you. In it, I discuss 3 tips on how to deal when your ex dates someone else.

Tell me about your experiences–how did YOU deal when your ex started dating someone else? What did you do? How did you feel? Let me know in the comments section!