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Stop Worrying About Getting Hurt

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You probably already know it’s important to be open and receptive to attract your love. But what if you’re worried about getting hurt? Can you stop worrying, and start attracting your man?

The answer is YES. The trick is to understand the 2 Kinds of Hurt. 

The first kind of hurt rattles your sense of self. You know it’s the first kind when you start to ask yourself questions like “Am I a good person?” “Am I deserving of love?” or “Am I mean, careless, or just no good?” You begin to question the very things you know and love about yourself. It could take years of therapy to undo this kind of hurt.

The second kind of hurt rattles your world. For example, when I broke up with my live-in boyfriend I was upset, sad, angry and confused. I was also worried that I wouldn’t have anywhere to live! Where would I go? When would I pack? Ugh..so many things to consider. But at the core, I knew I was still good. And most importantly, I believed that somehow, I was going to be ok. And sure enough, I started to feel a whole lot better in just a few weeks.

My hope is that if you absolutely must get hurt, then it’s the second kind, not the first.

How to make that happen? You can increase the odds with a daily practice of self-love. It can be a morning meditation, yoga practice, or just moisturizing every night to take care of your wintery legs.

Building your self-love now will help you let go of the worry of getting hurt in the future. When you do this, you can feel confident that you won’t get shaken at the core, and you’re going to feel better fast.

I talk about it in more detail in this episode of BDG.TV.

Have you ever experienced the first kind of hurt? The second kind? Both? How did you feel better? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Till I see you soon in the comments, take good care of your sweet heart.