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Why You Gotta Be So MEAN?

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Why you gotta be so MEAN?

One of my clients is the nicest woman I know. In fact, she defines herself by her generosity toward her friends and family. So I was SHOCKED when she told me that she was MEAN to ex-boyfriend during their break-up. She insulted him, put him own, and basically treated him like crap.


She explained that he would be devastated if he got dumped, so she just couldn’t do it. Instead, she figured she just  “show him” how much the relationship wasn’t working by being, ya know, mean. In time, he would figure it out and break up with her.

Logical, right? UH, WRONG.

That’s just mean.

Being mean isn’t doing anyone any favors. No matter how sad, upsetting, or devastating a break-up feels, communicating honestly and intimately is the kindest thing you can do.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments–have you ever acted mean to get someone else to dump you? OR, have you been honest, intimate and connected even through a break up? 

TIll I see you soon, take good care of your sweet heart.



Lady-Speak, Translated.

I’m a lady. You’re a lady. Poor guys, they’re not ladies. They just don’t understand. So for all the men reading this post, I’d like to share some simple translations in Lady-Speak. Hope they come in handy!

WHEN YOU SAY: “Do you like this dress?”

LADY-SPEAK TRANSLATION: “Quick! Tell me I look gorgeous. Also, tell me that this dress looks expensive.”

SAY: “Are you hungry?”

TRANSLATION: “I’m hungry.”

SAY: “Do you want to go out to dinner tonight?”

TRANSLATION: “I really want to go to our favorite local restaurant. I also want you to order dessert so I can have a bite.”

SAY: “Do you like the sweater my mom got you for Christmas?”

TRANSLATION: “Do you like my gene pool?

SAY: “I’m going to yoga.”

TRANSLATION: “You don’t know how lucky you are. I’ll come back in a better mood, and more flexible, to boot.”