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The Secret Code of Exes

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It’s Friday night. You’re getting ready for a second date with this new guy you’re really into. And then, out of nowhere–BAM–you get a text from your ex-boyfriend (you know, the one you really loved):

“hey what’s up?”

In the span of a tenth of a second, you’re excited, annoyed, and confused all at the same time. Does he want to get back together? Has he finally realized that you’re the woman he can’t live without? Does he know you’re dating again?

What does this mean? What do you DO?

It’s what I call The Secret Code of Exes. (Not ethics, exes)

In this week’s episode of BDG.TV I expose the secret knowledge that all men have about their exes. I also explain what you should do about it and the best way to respond!

As always, the most interesting conversations happen in the comments section. Have this ever happened to you? Has an ex-boyfriend nudged themselves into your consciousness just as you were getting serious with someone else? I want to hear about it!

Till I see you soon in the comments section, take good care of your sweet heart!