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Too Fat to Date

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Spring has sprung! And to get ready for the warmer months I’ve decided to enroll in a six-week challenge at my gym. (Yes, I got to the gym!) The challenge is simple–attend as many classes as you can (both strength and cardio) and measure your change in body fat percentage. I’m pretty excited to get my heart pumping!

I asked one of the challengers what motivated her most, and she bluntly said, “I’m too fat to date. I want to get in better shape before I start dating again.”

WHAT??!!! Too fat too date?!

But she got me thinking–is there an ideal weight, fitness level, or body fat percentage that makes you “ready?” The answer is a Big Fat NO.

What matters most is body confidence, not your body weight. If you’re feeling strong, healthy, and moving toward your optimum form, then you’re gonna feel fantastic! Working out and taking control of your health builds confidence. And when you’re confident, men notice.

On the other hand, if you’re not feeling confident–heavy, bloated, uncomfortable in your own skin–it doesn’t matter what the scale says. It doesn’t matter if your friends tell you that you look great. If you’re not feeling confident in your body than no one’s going to ask you out. Simple as that.

So please, by all means work out, take a yoga class, a zumba class, or go for a long walk! Start building your body confidence, and you’ll become sexy and attractive no matter what your weight!

What do YOU think? Have you ever felt too fat to date? Let me know in the comments section. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.



Do You Have the Power?

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Here’s a riddle: What do Finance, Yoga, and Dating have in common? Well, let’s consider who’s got the most POWER.

1) On the Trading Floor, who’s got it? The junior associate swinging the baseball bat and talking loudly to his friends in the next cubicle? OR the woman in the corner office, who doesn’t have to raise her voice. Just hearing her Manolo’s clank down the hall is enough to make everyone sit up straiter in their chair.

2) In the Yoga Studio, who’s got it? The dude who’s breathing heavily and loudly, who jumps and lands on his mat with a thump and a grunt? OR the lithe dancer who seemingly moves in slow motion so that every jump lands without a single sound?

3) In the Bar, who’s got it? The woman who enters the room with a splash, says hello to everyone and immediately kisses the bartender on each cheek? OR is it the woman who steps into the bar, pauses silently to survey the scene allowing each and every man and woman to see her, and fills the room with her presence without saying a thing?

OK–did you figure out? What do Finance, Yoga, and Dating have in common?

Answer: The person with the most quiet confidence has the power!

OK, so how do you get that confidence? Well, it’s a practice like anything else. But keep in mind, you don’t have to do a whole song and dance to convince people that you’re powerful. Just believe it. And everyone around you will too.

Watch it here:

What do you think? Is quiet confidence the key to power? What about your life? Tell is in the comments section below: Do YOU have the power? I can’t wait to hear your answers!



The DO’s and DON’TS of Booty Calls

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OK, it’s the holiday season. Maybe you don’t exactly have a one-and-only, but you’ve still got that ex-flame that you kinda-sorta keep in touch with. And even though it didn’t work out long-term, you still think he’s a nice guy. And let’s be honest, it’s sort of a sure thing.

That’s what a client told me as she was trying to decide if it was a good idea to call him for a booty call.

“It would be fun, and I’d get my sexy playful juices flowing! Right?”

Well, not exactly. Yes, having a fun night is a great thing, no matter where it goes. But having it with your ex-flame? That can get a little confusing. Why risk getting attached, falling for him all over again, or most importantly, possibly weakening your own self-confidence and credibility. After all, you had a conversation with this guy about how you didn’t want to be with him. So stick to it, woman!


DO step away from the phone. Instead, go and sit your cute tushy on any bar stool. And know that if you wanted to, you could get laid tonight. You’ve still got it! And if you want it, it’s yours. I know, I know, maybe one night stands aren’t your thing. But just knowing it’s possible is sometimes all you need to get the fun, sexy feelings you were going for all along.

Come on over to the blog and join the conversation. Leave a comment–Have you ever called an ex-flame for a booty call? What happened? Was it fun and light, or intense and not quite worth the trouble? Let me know!

Till I see you soon in the comments, take good care of your sweet heart.