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HELP–He only Facebook PM’s Me!

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Picture it: You meet a guy, and you’re getting along great. You flirt, you give him your number, and then…you become facebook friends. Seems harmless, right?

But the next thing you know, the only way he’s communicating with you is through facebook private messaging. At first it was kinda cute. But now you’d really love a phone call or (gasp!) a real, live face-to-face date one of these days. However, it seems the only way to get his attention is to respond to his facebook private messages.

For you, maybe it’s texting. Or twitter. Or instagram. But no matter how it’s happening, the communication just doesn’t feel like enough. What does it mean? And what can you do about it?

Well, that’s what I’m talking about in this weeks episode of BDG.TV. Watch below, and find out the two things it could mean, and the one single thing you absolutely MUST do about it.

I know you’ve dealt with this before. Who’s communicating with you on facebook or text or twitter? Are you cool with that? Do you want more? What do you do, and what do you tell them?

Come on over to the comments section and let me know what you think. I can’t wait to hear about your experiences on this!

Till I see you soon, take good care of your sweet heart.



The Truth about Flirting

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As you know, I’m single. I’m just getting back into the flirting game.

When I’m flirting, I want to appear powerful, sexy and impressive. I want to put my best self forward, ya know?

So when Sam, the guy I’ve been flirting with, asked me “How’s it going?” I was stumped. You see, he was innocently referring to my launch of BDG School.

OK, I’m going to let you in on a little secret–the launch was two weeks of total overwhelm, self-doubt and insecurity. It was very challenging. And yes, there were tears.

But did I want to tell him that? Hell no! Instead, I wanted to tell him that it was great, and I was totally in control.

So, what did I say? Find out below in this week’s episode of BDG.TV. You might be surprised at the outcome!

As always, the most exciting conversations happen in the comments section. Let me know if you’ve ever wanted to “embellish” the truth while flirting? What did you say? I can’t wait to hear your responses!

Till I see you soon in the comments, take good care of your sweet heart.