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Dating a Daddy–Yea or Nay?

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Today’s episode of BDG.TV is a personal one for me. Some of you may know that for a while there, I only dated men with children. I didn’t plan it that way, it just happened. And in the process, I created some hard and fast ideas about daddies.

But before I share them with you, I’ll tell you about Ellen, a friend who just starting dating a man with a young child. It was totally blowing her mind! Dating a daddy made her feel mature and responsible. Simply, she felt like she was in an adult relationship. And she liked it.

Yet, some women wouldn’t dream of dating a daddy. They hate knowing they’ll always be #2 in their man’s life. That there are school plays, parent teacher nights, and little league games to schedule around. What a drag!

As for me, I was with Ellen. After my third daddy, I got the idea that daddies were more mature, stable, and adult-like. I also believed they were more emotional evolved, since they so freely displayed their love to their children.

But I made a big mistake. I ASSUMED men who are loving and amazing toward their kids are automatically as wonderful and loving in their relationships. NOT TRUE. In fact, it’s possible, and quite common for men to compartmentalize their romantic relationships from their father/child relationships.

So, should you date a daddy? Here’s how to decide:

1) Judge the man on his own, regardless of whether he has a kid or not!

2) If he rocks the house and has a kid–MORE TO LOVE!

3) If he doesn’t have a kid–that’s great too, as long as he treats you like gold.

Hope that helps clarify things for you, ladies. It’s really simple–if you love the guy, you’ll love his family situation too.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments–have you ever dated a daddy? What was your experience? More mature? Better? Worse? Let me know, I can’t wait to get the conversation going!



The 3 Date Rule, explained

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In last week’s episode of BDG.TV we talked about body issues, and how they can affect your dating. You heard about a woman who felt insecure about her own body, and judged a perfectly good man as “not being able to run a marathon” (true story!).

I suggested in the comments section that if this woman, or anyone for that matter, finds herself veering into “judge-y” territory about a man’s appearance, she apply The 3 Date Rule.

The 3 Date Rule: If you’re judging, commit to two more dates as long as he’s a nice guy.

BUT, how can you tell if he’s a nice guy? In the video, I offer three ways to figure it out. Maybe there are more? What do YOU think of the 3 Date Rule? How do you tell if someone’s a “nice guy?” Let me know in the comments section!




Wanna know a secret?

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In the last episode of BDG TV, you learned all about setting your intention for love. How cool was that?

But do you wanna know a secret? To find love, the first person you’ve got to love is YOU.

I know, I know. You’ve heard it before. And you do love yourself. Really. 

But here’s a different way to think about it. Check out today’s episode of BDG TV!

Then, post a comment–Have YOU ever felt less than totally-in-love with yourself in a relationship? What happened? Did the relationship stay strong, or suffer?