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Why Don’t Men Talk to Me?

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It’s Friday night. You get all gussied up, go out, and hope to meet someone interesting. But once you get to the bar you just end up just looking around and talking to your friends. I mean, really–you wore heels for this?!

Frustrating, right?

I know. I’ve wondered many times, “Why don’t men talk to me?” Do I look fat? Am I doing something weird that makes them stay away? Should I walk to the bathroom oh so slowly (again) just to make sure they see me? I mean really, what’s it gonna take to actually get a “hello?”

The truth is that men DO want to talk to you. In fact, they’re dying to talk to you. When they see you at the bar, or in the coffee shop, or even in the Key Foods getting your milk and eggs, they’re intrigued. And they’re scared as shit.

You see, talking to women is hard. And talking to a woman like YOU is really hard. You’re beautiful! And you could reject them. You could walk the other way. Or worse, you could immediately put them in the “friend zone” where you think “aw, he’s so sweet.” But you and I both know you’d never ever want to see that guy without a shirt. Ugh, gross!

So, what do you do about this? Well, I have a few ideas in this video. I’m not saying you should be as overt as I am (you gotta watch to see what I did to get the guy) but you could make yourself a little more…um, noticeable.

Check it out here:

So, what do you think? Is this a viable way to get a man’s attention? Share in the comments section below–What’s the kookiest thing YOU’VE done to get someone to talk to you?

P.S.–This is NOT a typical episode of BDG.TV. It’s a shameless share of bearing my soul and overcoming my deepest fears of performing. I sincerely hope you enjoy it!



Do You Have the Power?

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Here’s a riddle: What do Finance, Yoga, and Dating have in common? Well, let’s consider who’s got the most POWER.

1) On the Trading Floor, who’s got it? The junior associate swinging the baseball bat and talking loudly to his friends in the next cubicle? OR the woman in the corner office, who doesn’t have to raise her voice. Just hearing her Manolo’s clank down the hall is enough to make everyone sit up straiter in their chair.

2) In the Yoga Studio, who’s got it? The dude who’s breathing heavily and loudly, who jumps and lands on his mat with a thump and a grunt? OR the lithe dancer who seemingly moves in slow motion so that every jump lands without a single sound?

3) In the Bar, who’s got it? The woman who enters the room with a splash, says hello to everyone and immediately kisses the bartender on each cheek? OR is it the woman who steps into the bar, pauses silently to survey the scene allowing each and every man and woman to see her, and fills the room with her presence without saying a thing?

OK–did you figure out? What do Finance, Yoga, and Dating have in common?

Answer: The person with the most quiet confidence has the power!

OK, so how do you get that confidence? Well, it’s a practice like anything else. But keep in mind, you don’t have to do a whole song and dance to convince people that you’re powerful. Just believe it. And everyone around you will too.

Watch it here:

What do you think? Is quiet confidence the key to power? What about your life? Tell is in the comments section below: Do YOU have the power? I can’t wait to hear your answers!